Welcome to Uganda

I love this photo for so many reasons. The focus is off, the exposure is wrong, and there’s a blemish in the bottom right corner of the full print. Still there is just so much going on here. This intersection led up to our house and to this day I still can’t tell you what it’s called. All I know is […]

Safaris – Murchison National Park

The thing about traveling in Africa is that you always meet a million awesome people. It turns out the students you meet are just generally super open and active and TEND to not be huge dicks. So frankly it was to no surprise that within two days of arriving Mike and I met Gibson and Manu who immediately invited us onto their weekend safari […]

The Brown Boy Backpacks

Welcome super friends… For a while now I’ve been trying to come up with a better place than Facebook to share some of my photos and experiences. After much deliberation I present to you “The Brown Boy Backpacks.” Hopefully this will become a nice platform to reflect on photography, travel, medicine, and life in general. There will be some long-form […]